The company’s core activities are the production and wholesale of fuel additives and petrochemicals. We create our products for refineries, paint and varnish plants, oil depots, gas station chains, and private manufacturers.
Skilled professionals with several years of experience in the petroleum products sector provide customer support throughout the entire period of cooperation. Researchers help develop a product improvement formula, and experienced managers make its implementation cost-effective and expedient.

• Additives for gasoline
• Additives for diesel fuel and fuel oil
• Petrochemistry
• Development of fuel formulation and additive compositions
• Laboratory research

• In-house production of additives for gasoline, oil, fuel oil, diesel fuel, and middle distillates
• Customer support at all stages of cooperation
• Two research laboratories for the development of fuel and additive formulations based on customer specifications
• Optimal logistics routes for clients
V.N. Bavarin Square, Bldg. 2, Office 910, Barnaul, Russia, 656056

+7 (3852) 20-31-73
Oduvanchik Ltd.