PSS is the Russian market leader in the provision of fully integrated solutions for electrochemical protection (ECP) and remote control for all types of metal structures.

We provide active protection against the corrosion of:
 — main pipelines and aboveground and underground tanks in the oil and gas industry
- infrastructure facilities of seaports, transport, shipbuilding, offshore drilling rigs, and related industries
- energy industry facilities, the nuclear sector, chemical industry, water supply pipelines, and heating networks in the housing services and utilities sector, and railways.

The second focus of the PSS’s operations is the in-house development and production of charging stations for electric vehicles (ECS). PSS is a full-cycle production enterprise, which includes everything from developing and manufacturing charging stations for electric vehicles to their delivery and warranty support. The company’s enterprises produce controllers for charging stations, telemetry, and power modules. The quality and functionality of PSS charging stations are in many ways superior to the analogues of industry leaders.
96a Speshilov St., Perm, Russia

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