The company manufactures drill pipe and tubing tongs, provides overhaul and maintenance services for both Russian- and foreign-produced tongs, produces spare and replacement parts for tongs, and provides overhaul and maintenance services for foreign-made top drive systems. The factory has modern metalworking equipment, which ensures the high quality of the keys it manufactures and restores.

To date, the company has manufactured more than 500 sets of keys of its own production. More than 80 top drive systems have been repaired for such manufacturers as: Varco, Canrig, Tesco, and others.

Our products are used in various climate zones all over the country by such companies as Gazprom Burenie, RN-Burenie, RusGazBurenie, SSK, NEU, Byrgylau (Kazakhstan), etc.
298 Votkinskoe Highway, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia, 426039

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Servisremmash BO LLC